The Easiest Way to Import and Export PST Files

  • Exmerge type tool designed for Exchange 2010 Servers
  • Great Tool for Migration to Exchange 2010
  • Easy and Simple to Install and Use

ExchangeServerPST is easy to install and uses Graphical Interface to import and export PST files from Exchange 2010 Server mailboxes. No complicated PowerShell commands to learn. Install now for FREE trial.


Q. What are the system requirements?

A. You must have Exchange 2010 Standard or Enterprise Server with SP1 or Higher

Q. What Permissions are required?

A. The user running ESPST on Exchange 2010 Server must be a member of Administrators, Domain Admins, Organization Management and Exchange Trusted Subsystem

Q. Where should be the PST files?

A. PST files must reside on a local shared folder which is accessible by UNC path name. Administrator and Exchange Trusted Subsystem must have full control permission on this shared folder

Q. Can PST files be on a network drive?

A. Yes. As long as Host Server where PST files are located is a member of the domain and Administrator and Exchange Trusted Subsystem have full control permissions on the folder. The network folder must be shared and accessible by UNC path name.

Q. Can I have any name for PST files?

A. PST file name should not contain any spaces or special characters

Q. Can I change the Installation folder name and path?

A. The default installation path is C:\ExchangeServerPST. If you change the path make sure there are no spaces in the new installation path

Q. How does it work on a Large Multiple Exchange Environment?

A. For large Exchange environment with multiple servers and roles ESPST must run on Exchange server with CAS role and Exchange mailbox replication service must be running. Mailbox for import and export must reside on same Exchange server where ESPST is running. Example if you run ESPST on Exch01 and mailbox you want to Import or Export is on Exch02 it will not perform import or export. In this case you need to install and run ESPST on Exch02

Q. What is trial version?

A. Trial version allows import or Export of 5 mailboxes. In application interface there is an option to extend the trial for 5 more mailboxes


We migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. We needed an Exmerge type utility to create PST in Exchange 2010. We came across this software. An excellent tool to have for an Exchange administrator.

Ben Xing
IT Administrator